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The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide


the-ultimate-taxidermy-guideThe Ultimate Taxidermy Guide

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Wildlife Art

Wildlife art is a field that has been quickly gaining when it comes to popularity. More people are interested in it and more people are realizing the value of it. While some people think of paintings when it comes to wildlife art, for many, the most exquisite forms of wildlife art is found in taxidermy.

That’s right, taxidermy is a growing industry and every year, there is a greater demand for taxidermist. In fact, at no other time over the last 50 years has taxidermy been in such demand. Not only are hunters enjoying their trophies for decades after hunting, but pet owners, museums and a host of other consumers are enjoying the well preserved finish products that you find in taxidermy.

Now is the time to get interested in a new form of art and with The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide you can begin your own foray into the amazing world of taxidermy. Not only does this book give you all the foundations you need for taxidermy, it also looks at the more advanced methods that you can use.

Create Your Own Taxidermy

In fact, it is a comprehensive guide to get you well on your way to succeeding in your new hobby. If you are an avid hunter, once you read this book, you will have a firm understanding on how to create your own taxidermy.

In addition, The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide covers every type of taxidermy that you can think of. Game head mounts, fish, birds and full body mounts are covered in the book and takes you through the basics.

It also takes you through some of the more advanced techniques used with taxidermy so you can continually improve your skills as a taxidermist.

Exciting World of Wildlife Art

So whether you are looking at taxidermy as a new hobby, or looking at it as a new career, The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide will answer all the questions you have about the field. It will bring you through the history of taxidermy and will also provide you with a list of tools that are a must have for your taxidermy studio.

Lastly, The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide will help you understand the various chemicals you will need to complete your taxidermy and will teach you how to use them safely.

So enjoy The Ultimate Taxidermy Guide and enjoy your new foray into an exciting world of wildlife art.

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Old Price:$43
Our Price:$33

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